Long Island

Long Island watches Franck Muller watch is an essential style. It has a complete and continuous operation of the movement, through a run, stop, or back to the beginning of the second hand measured in hours, minutes, and even a short period of one second before cutting.

Franck Muller launched chronograph models in the series watch to one thousand and one kinds of way to interpret the Long Island watch. Whether chasing needles, double-sided or coaxial version, Franck Muller replica watches constantly praises of Long Island for the time enthusiasm. Long Island and the various sub-series of exhibits between reality and fantasy magical boundary endless search. Case with Art Deco Franck Muller is a new inspiration. Pure geometric lines is an excellent representative of this era, Franck Muller brought you into the thirties absolutely elegant life of the world. All copy Franck Muller Long Island will give you unexpected surprised. If you like one of copy, please contact us.

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