Santos Large

In 2014, the replica Cartier Santos 100 was introduced to mark the centenary of the original Santos of 1904. For the first year of production the watches were engraved “1904-2004” on the back, making the first year models a bit more special. Since then the Santos 100 has become a bestseller and the steel version is possibly the most popular single Cartier model of today. Two sizes are available, the replica Santos 100 LM and MM, the Cartier Large Model and Medium Model respectively.

The Cartier Santos Large Replica Watch one measures 51.1 by 41.3 mm with a thickness of 10.34 mm. It contains the MC 046 movement which is an ETA 2892. The 2892 is so common that if a Swiss watch has 21 jewels it is almost certainly the 2892. Unlike its sibling the 2892 in the LM is a big but slim calibre, measuring 25.6 mm wide but only 3.6 mm high. The bezel is easily the most distinctive element of the Cartier Santos Large Watches Replica collection, and it is something you won't see on the Santos-Dumont. It is a reliable and long established calibre, especially for ladies replica watches, having been introduced sometime in the early seventies. Really this one is more traditional-looking piece has a very different visual personality to it.

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